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At we work extremely hard to understand and respond to the unique home buying needs of Veterans. Our licensed loan officers are industry experts on VA mortgage eligibility and qualification guidelines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

VA loans are available as long as your credit is at 580 or above.  In some cases VA buyers could be approved with scores down to 560.  Keep in mind your licensed loan officer can help you pull up your scores quickly.

VA loans are 100% financed, meaning no money down!

VA Loans are available for any:

– Military members who served 90 days on active duty during wartime or 181 days during peacetime.

-Members of the National Guard or Reserves who served for six years

-Spouses of service members who died in the line of duty

-Service Members, Veterans, and Eligible Surviving Spouse

Loan amounts available above $453,100.  Contact your loan officer to find out the exact amount as it depends on your situation.  In some cases VA loan amounts can exceed $1 million.

This program is available in every area of Florida! And the good news is we have a team of people available to help, no matter the area!